Diposable Plastic Silver Cutlery

Royal Heavyweight Clear Diposable Plastic Cutlery

18 x 10" Elegantware Large White Plastic Dinner Plates

Clear Plastic Plates

 Masher's Disposable Party & Catering Supplies

Masher's Disposable Party & Catering Supplies

Mashers has over 40 years of experience with Disposable Tableware, Catering Supplies and Party Supplies. We are based in Manchester, UK and offer disposable catering goods and disposable tableware to retail and wholesale customers throughout the UK, Europe and Ireland.

Our disposable products range includes all types of disposable tableware, party supplies and kitchenware such as:
Plastic Plates in many designs and colours , Plastic Cups both economy and heavy duty, Colourful Qaulity Paper Napkins,
Tin Foil Aluminum Trays in all shapes and sizes, and Plastic Bags for personal and business use.

Great New Disposable Products

Great New Disposable Products

At Mashers we always stay up-to-date with the latest trends and designs in disposable party supplies and catering products, and we carry stock relevant to all seasons of the year, making sure you will always find exactly what you need every time you shop with us.

We are pleased to introduce you to new our ranges of:

Silver Rimmed Plastic Plates & Bowls

Royal Heavy Duty Cutlery in Black or Clear

New updated range of Plastic Cups and Tumblers

Bicolor Plastic Plates, Cutlery & Napkins in 4 Brigh Colours

Well-Known Catering Brands

Well-Known Catering Brands

We stock a range of well-known brands such as: